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2023 - Writer
Techno-Nightmares and Retro-Futures
A speculative syllabus publication for Syllabus Project
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2022-2023 - Cinematographer
A 3 parts video work by Helene Kazan
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Part1, 15’, premiered on E-Flux
Part2, 15’, premiered at Beirut Art Center
still from part2
Part3, 15’, is in production

2023 - Artist
A Dire Affair
is an Instagram series of 10 digital images/videos/text for Tabaan’s themed “NO” project
initiative by Studio Kawakeb and WARAQ.
For more info about the project click here

2023 - Line producer, co-Cinematography
A feature documentary by Ismael Louati

"Hackers of Borders” is a tale of resilience, an intimate mosaic of beings representing the multiplicity
and complexity of the future of humanity at a time when displaced populations around the world are
no more than statistics and stereotyped figures through the media and politicians.What is the documentary
cinema if not giving a face to those whose image is frozen in the imaginary? For us they are refugees.
But how do they see themselves? Basically, the question of Hackers of Borders is: who am I?
Who am I if I'm born stateless, if I can't remember my homeland, if I can't make my dream come true,
if I can't choose my sexual identity, if I can't be buried with dignity?"

2021 - Cinematographer, Editor
The Dead Shall Be Raised
A video by Dala Nasser

The Dead Shall Be Raised is a semi-fictional documentation of Dala’s artwork, tracing ruins, in Tyre.

Screened at
Deborah Schamoni, Munich, 2021
Boghossian Foundation, Belgium, 2022
Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2022

2021 - Editor
A video by Monica Basbous, Adriana Basbous and Sabine Saba

Where Will The Future Take Place? - Excercise 1 is a video speculation presented at DeepCity 2021,
exhibition on climate change, democracy and the digital under the theme data,
democracy and sovereignty: Towards New Urban and Political Imaginaries.

2020 - Editor
A 3 episodes documentary by Mohamed Berro

To Live and Let Live” is part of Berro’s solo exhibition at Beirut Art Center.

2018 - Director, Editor
Music video for Toni Geitani’s Raboukoum

2017 - Director, Cinematographer, Editor
MA research visual abstrac 

2017 - Show Runner
5 episodes web series 
Produced by Cinemoz and directed by Mohamed Berro

Episode 1
Full series available on youtube

2016 - Cinematographer

A documentary-essay by Panos Aprahamian

Yabandjo is a documentary-essay investigating the remnants of a traumatic past in bodies consumed
by history as an uncertain future looms over the landscapes they inhabit. Landscapes that are in the
process of being transformed into what will no longer be recognized by the present, where the camera intervenes to document that which will soon be no more. The landscapes of Anjar, a small town in rural
Lebanon only a few miles from the Syrian border and inhabited by ethnic Armenians where the ordinary
and the uncanny meet in a border community in transition haunted by a dark past and an unknown future.