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I am a Filmmaker, researcher and educator (b. 1989, Beirut, Lebanon).

My work inspects the alienation and seclusion suggestively self-inflicted by marginalized members of society, as an act of autonomous revolt; and the affect which leaks into the surrounding environment, locations and spaces where such marginality thrives. I am currently expanding this research into speculations concerning digital and virtual marginalizations, building toward my next film project, titled “Villest and The Miners of Asteroids”, concerned with the future of people currently excluded from datasets and the doubtful advantage of this exclusion that may result in either freedom or further marginalization. In a post-utopian image of the future, in socially-accepted and marginalized clusters of habitats, income will no longer dictate the hierarchy, but instead, it gets allocated by a discrepancy in connectivity, resulting in unrecognized progressive social determinants. In that direction, this project will entail a construction of videos that depict said technological marginalization and exclusion from cyber intelligence, to speculate when would that seismic separatist event occur and to procure an ethereal understanding of a futuristic labor structure.

I am currently in post production for “الأرض المستباحة Radius Catastrophe”, a semi fictional video essay.
Supported by Goethe Institut weaving ties fund and AFAC visual arts grant.

I have an
MA, Artistic Research, 2017, Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK), The Netherlands Film Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
BA,  Audiovisual Studies, 2013, Saint Joseph University (USJ), Institut d’Études Scéniques Audiovisuelles et Cinématographiques (IESAV), Beirut, Lebanon.

2021-2023, part time instructor at the American University of Beirut.
As of 2023, Tenure-track assistant professor at the American University of Beirut in the faculty of Fine Arts and Art History.

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Arab Fund for Arts and Culture - AFAC, 2022, Visual Arts grant.
Goethe Institut, 2022, Weaving Ties fund.
Haven For Artists, 2021, Artist Support Fund.
Fondation Liban Cinema, 2020, Solidarity Fund.
Archive as Playground workshop, 2016, EYE film museum, Amsterdam, with Jyoti Mistry.
Film masterclass, 2016, Amsterdam, with Nicolas Pereda.
Sound Reconstruction Workshop, 2016, Amsterdam, with Michel Shopping.
Masterclass on Process, 2015, Amsterdam, with Johan Grimonprez.
Association Philippe Jabre, 2015-2016, MA Scholarship.
Ashkal Alwan grant, 2014, Video Works Program.
Film Form workshop, 2013, Lebanon, with Max Kestner and Corine Shawi.

Syllabi instructed at AUB (available upon request)
Module 01  - The Digital Image - SART207
Module 02 - The Moving Image - SART208
Module 03 - Advanced Image Making - SART223
Module 04 - The Technological Imagination - SART205
Module 05 - Intro to Digital Media - MCOM228 (not teaching anymore)
Module 06 - Digital Media Practices - MCOM252 (not teaching anymore)